HearFirst Case Study

Huddersfield Literature Festival

Who was the training for?

Festival volunteers and staff.

Goals before the training

For volunteers and staff to be skilful and confident at both recognising and tackling any discriminatory behaviours, ensuring an inclusive experience for all.

What did the training cover?

  1. ·  How to recognise unfairness and why we need to
  2. ·  What’s a microaggression?  
  3. ·  Impact of ignoring situations  
  4. ·  How and when to tackle situations  
  5. ·  How and who to support   
  6. ·  Understanding banter

Outcome of the training

"Following the training our volunteers said they felt that they had been given practical  suggestion on how to identify and deal with difficult situations confidently."

Added value & impact as a result of the training?

"The friendly, informal nature of the sessions helps team building within our organisation."

"As a volunteer manager I find these training sessions particularly useful. During the sessions volunteers will often start discussing issues and concerns which they might not have come directly to me with. I am then able to reassure them or work with them to find a way to solve their problems."

Julia Lilof
Festival Manager


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