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We're a deaflead organisation making real changes for people.

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Why we're called HearFirst?

HearFirst is a play on words and a nod to our roots. Back in 2002, training organisations like ours didn't exist. We were here first. Julie Ryder, our founder didn't start life deaf and to help others understand she'd say 'I could hear first but now I'm deaf'.

Julie Ryder, founder and partner of HearFirst

Julie Ryder (she/her)

Founder and Partner
After acquiring profound deafness as a young adult, my life changed. Employment options changed, the way I communicated changed, other people’s attitudes towards me changed.

Values you can expect on our training;


"I was anxious about attending but Julie helped me relax and made it easy for me to join in."
Gail, Finance Officer

People Focused.

"Great facilitation, gave us space to contribute. Good participation, plenty of good thoughts and feelings expressed all round."
Nigel, HR Director:


"Absolutely brilliant training where I feel I have engaged and not just been talked at.  Absolutely fantastic!"
Kirsty, Income Officer:


"Once again your understanding of the course. Your professionalism always shines through and makes the course enjoyable."
Chris, Gas Engineer


"It’s great to come away from a training day with some new skills (as well as all the background and information you gave us)."
Janet, Commercial Co-ordinator:

Value Driven.

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the course and how well I felt it was delivered. It was such a thought provoking day."
Martin, Lettings Adviser:

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Whether you’ve teams of plumbers or project managers, we've got you covered.

Use us for a range of training needs e.g. mandatory roll outs, enhancing your customer experience, awareness events, targeted response to training needs analysis, staff inclusion, student enrichment and volunteer development

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Award winning workplace training & accreditations

HearFirst is an award winning organisation and we want to celebrate your successes too.  We can play a key role in supporting you with relevant accreditations and awards that tie into the training we've delivered for you.

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