HearFirst Case Study

The Whitworth Art Gallery

Who was the training for?

Visitor Services (VS) Team

Goals before the training

Inspire, encourage, and upskill the VS Team to meet the needs of D/deaf, blind and deafblind visitors. To approach access as an opportunity to provide limitless experiences for all visitors.

What did the training cover?

The Team experienced simulations of deafness, blindness and deafblindness in the actual Gallery spaces. They used the live Gallery environment to put new skills into practice e.g. guiding,  describing, using clear speech and basic British Sign Language. They explored how best to utilise the access provision they already had and then moved onto documenting where they could do better. Inclusive attitudes and approaches were covered on the training along with the legal and organisational benefits of providing an inclusive experience for their visitors.

Outcome of the training

"The Visitor Team now have a much better understanding of sensory disabilities and sensitivities. This has been well received and has had a positive impact on all teams."

Added value & impact as a result of the training?

"This has also shaped the way we curate exhibitions with AV including the use of captions, transcripts and BSL."

"HearFirst has influenced so many areas of our work to help us continue to be sector leading in providing the highest quality of experiences for our visitors with unlimited access."

Chad McGitchie-Simpson
Head of Visitor Teams / Access Lead

Additional client feedback

HearFirst is leading the way in supporting organisations to identify and remove barriers that are often overlooked. They are inspirational and clearly dedicated to making the arts and culture sector truly accessible for all.


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